Dear Lacrosse Supporters,

As you may have heard, the Jr. A Mounties and the Jr. A Raiders are co-hosting the Canadian Lacrosse Association National Minto Cup Jr A Championship in Calgary this summer.  The Minto Committee has been hard at work for months to put together a quality National Championship that will reflect the caliber and professionalism of Junior A lacrosse in our city.  It is our goal to hold a National Championship that is well-run and profitable.

The National Championship will be held from August 16 – August 26 with a total of 10-12 games being played, at Max Bell Arena.  Each game will require approximately 40 volunteers and of these 40 volunteers, 20 or so will be designated or “closed positions”. i.e. jobs where specific people have been slotted into specific roles.  (Examples would be the person singing the Anthem; the person in charge of security, etc.).  This leaves about 20 slots per game that will be “open positions”. i.e. jobs for which anyone can sign up.  (Examples would be volunteering at the merchandise table, the penalty box, etc.).  Although the majority of the volunteering will be done by family members of the Mounties and Raiders, there are so many shifts to cover that we would like to invite the greater Calgary lacrosse community to take part in the excitement of the Minto Cup and its’ vast history by signing up for a volunteer shift or better yet, several shifts.

The sign up for volunteer positions will be done electronically.  This site is live now!   The website is: Minto Volunteers  . Please click on the WORD VOLUNTEERS in the link to be taken directly to the MINTO site.The available slots and job descriptions are outlined on the website.  Please click on “VIEW” to see available shifts. (If you have trouble with this link, you can also access the website at: We encourage everyone to sign up early and sign up frequently!  In addition, we will require 4 “bartenders” to serve alcohol at each game.   To volunteer for this position, you must be 18 years of age and have completed the ProServe course.  This is an online course that can be accessed at ProServe.  The course takes about 2 hours to complete and should be done as early as possible to ensure that your certificate arrives in time for Minto.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Thank-you in advance for your volunteerism in assisting us to host this prestigious Championship!

Deb McIntyre (Raiders) (

Kelly Foster (Mounties) (


Minto Volunteer Committee Chairs