After finishing the regular season with a win against the Miners, the Mounties head into the playoffs on a good note. They know playoffs are a whole different story than the regular season and the intensity is going to shoot up instantly in game one against the SWAT. With last season’s experience of their playoff success and Minto cup experience, the boys look to follow up last season’s success with even more. That’s not to say it will come easy, as shown by the close games all year against the SWAT and coming in second behind the Raiders.

But first, the boys must focus on the task at hand and that is taking down the SWAT in the first round of playoffs. The Mounties are 4-1 against the SWAT this season and have won the last three regular season match-ups. The SWAT has been tough competition all year long and management knows not to take this team lightly. This Saskatchewan team has great coaching, along with an excellent line up that the Mounties have to be prepared for. That being said, our Mounties have been preparing all season long and are ready for the task at hand and are ready to win game 1 against the SWAT.

Let’s fill the Peppardome and bring out a big home crowd for the first round of playoffs! Go Mounties and let’s bring home both games this weekend!


This weekend’s scheduled games are as follows:

• Saturday, July 15 at 6:30 pm at Stu Peppard Arena

• Sunday, July 16 at 3:30 pm at Stu Peppard Arena