The Mounties started Saturday to their full potential and showed what a powerful offensive juggernaut they can be. Storming out of the gates early led to the Mounties never looking back and taking home a comfortable victory against the Blues. With a great team effort, we got to see some amazing seam passes, excellent defensive play and a couple snipes on Saturday night at Southside George H Arena.

The boys came out like a house on fire and scored ten goals in the first ten minutes of the game! Every shift the boys were in the offensive zone and couldn’t miss, peppering the opposing goaltender with shot after shot and burying a ton early. After such an exciting first ten minutes, the game started to settle down and the boys scored two more but gave up three, leaving the Mounties with a 12-3 lead after the first.

The second was a more defensive period, but the Mounties still were able to pot six more behind the Blue’s tendy, and only giving up two. The game was getting more and more chippy as the score started to separate but the Mounties kept their composure and only took two penalties throughout the entire second. After two the Mounties had a 18-5 lead heading into the dressing room.

The third was very calm with no major plays taking place and little offence as well. The Mounties potted two more and the Blues scored one to finish the game off at 20-6. After such an amazing start the Mounties played a solid two-way game and guaranteed they took home the two points.

Some notables from Saturday’s game were Foster with 4 goals and 3 assists, Henning and Prysko with 2 goals and 4 assists, Claude with a hat trick and 3 helpers to match and Moffat scoring a pair of goals followed with three helpers. With the boys rolling, they were looking forward to their Sunday game against the Miners and looking to sweep the weekend!