This Saturday our Mounties played the Miners at the Peppardome and goals were plentiful all night for both sides. The game had a total of 40 goals and thankfully in favor of the Mountaineers. Even though this game was a little closer than the Mounties would have liked, they pushed back against every offensive push the Miners could produce and made it a game for the fans, showing the offensive ability that this Mountaineer team has.

Surprisingly, the first was a pretty defensive period only totalling six goals between both sides. The Miners started the scoring early, but the Mounties responded 28 seconds later to tie it up. Three more goals were scored for the good guys while the Miners mustered up one more past our tendy. This allowed the Mounties to go into the room with a 4-2 lead.

The floodgates opened in the second as both teams totalled for a combined 19 goals, with the Mounties controlling the majority of the period with 13 goals. The Miners actually scored three goals quick and took a 5-4 lead for a short period of time but then the Mounties went off on the scoresheet. The last 15 minutes of the game the Mounties put away 13 goals and only allowed 3 more goals against… taking a commanding 17-8 lead after 2.

The third was an even-matched battle between both clubs. Goals still came in bunches and defence was not the objective but the Mounties still won the period 8-7, winning the game by a score of 25-15. Even though the Mounties created a ridiculous amount of offence, they know they need to tighten up their defence coming down the stretch and get prepared for playoffs.

Their next game is this Tuesday against the Blues at the Peppardome at 6 pm sharp. With a win on Tuesday the boys inch closer to solidifying that second place spot and facing an ideal matchup for the first round of playoffs!